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The wind energy resources for the Taranaki, Wanganui and Southern Waikato regions has been very well defined, see MICROSCALE STUDIES. The prospects for development of Class I sites are limited either due to location, grid connection issues or size of resource. Most areas of Taranaki are either Class 2 or Class 3 and DG locations are being investigated.

TENERGY is concentrating on wind energy for the following:

  • Distributed Generation sites in the 1MW to 5MW range feeding into the local distribution grid.
  • Industrial sites in the 5kw to 250kw for businesses or farms.
  • Medium size wind farms in the range 10MW to 50MW.

Current project list and status is as follows:

  • Small DG site with potential for 1.5MW to 3MW.
  • Mast (Trust Tower 40m) installed 2nd March 2007. Five years of data confirmed Class II / III site.



Is your location suitable for wind energy or are you looking for a wind turbine for your business or farm? Contact Geoff Eaton at TENERGY