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There are a number of ways that wind energy can be developed and provide a return in the Taranaki, Wanganui and Waikato regions:

  • An individual farmer or business can install a small turbine say 5Kw to 250Kw for running his business and possible export into the local distribution grid. TENERGY has the dealership for Bergey turbines and is looking at additional industrial sized turbines to develop a range of turbines suitable for commercial use.


  • A group or community can install a turbine or turbines from say 250kw to 5MW. If sufficient load is available the power price should be significantly cheaper than available from the retailers. Although a Power Purchase Agreement may still be needed for selling any excess power.


  • Large scale wind farms from around 10MW to 60MW. There are a number of sites in this range in the Taranaki, Waikato and Wanganui regions. Some of them will be excluded because of grid connection issues and constructability. Realise also that most sites of this size in the area will be IEC Class II wind sites.

What can TENERGY do for you?

From small scale to large scale , TENERGY can provide services as follows:

  • Provide an estimate of the wind power available at your location.
  • Provide data logging of your power usage to better define your load.
  • Provide cost estimates from a small scale scheme to a large wind farm.
  • Outline the steps and processes required to implement the works
  • Provide wind prospecting equipment.
  • Arrange grid connection and power purchase agreements.
  • Design, procure and install industrial size installations, and project manage larger schemes.