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After a considerable period of engineering the 1st mast and prototype for the standard range was built and installed near Okato, Taranaki. The 39m mast is installed on the farm of Bill Honeyfield and is being used for assessing the mast performance and installation procedures, confirmation of Tenergy's large microscale survey at this location (see >>>>) and evaluation of this IEC Class II to III site.
Mast was installed using the prototype mast erection mechanism as well. This device worked well considering we used a 500W drill to drive a cable winch and that we had 25mm of rain over two days during the installation.
The mast is very robust and a number of learning points were established which fed into the revised designs now available. Some of these were:
  • Improved guy hard end connections and details. We now have our own adjustment device which eliminates the need for a turnbuckle and we have features built into the anchor plate to optimise the overall design and reduce costs.
  • Standardised on bolted connections through out the Standard mast range, we now use M16 bolting only.
  • Improved the guy tensioning method and revised the initial pretensions to improve overall design. See also Guy tensioning Device.
  • A number of issues were discovered with the erection mechanism. These will be improved in the next version of the mechanism and will lead to reduced installation times.
See some photos of the installation here;
- Prototype erection mechanism. See >>>>> PENDING
- Greenhills 39m mast. See >>>>>


Two masts are now currently installed for other clients, with 3 masts pending.
This permanent reference mast was installed on the lower reaches of TRH wind farm to assist with wind resource definition and power curve confirmations of the Windflow 500.  See Photos >>>>>
To assist with the development fo the Taharoa C ironsands wind farm site this mast was installed in Sept 2008. The difficulty with this site was the loose ironsands and design of suitable anchors. This challenge was overcome and now Tenergy has  improved the sand anchor design for future installations in this type of terrain.
The mast was installed in one day using a Jet ranger helicopter. See photos >>>>>
This 69m mast has been finally installed after many weather delays. This mast includes our revised anchor block and proprietory tensioning system which does away with turnbuckles. This mast is our Standard (Heavy Duty) design with galvanised wires and is designed for 70m/s at the top.  







 Todd Energy 69m mast sections on delivery pallets prior to installation.