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Tenergy Australia specialises in designing and installing quality PV solar systems. Our designs are based on the following;

  • Understanding the clients' needs and objectives. Why is the client looking at installing a PV solar system?
  • Designing the systems using the best available information. This includes a site visit, roof inspection, obtaining power bills, time of use information from the smart meters (CSV data) and what changes are expected in the household in the future.
  • Specifying the equipment to meet the clients' budget. The performance difference between a good system and a top of the range system will not be great, but the price increase can be significant. What does the client want?
  • Tenergy works with a number of quality installers who have many years of experience behind them. In addition all systems are overseen by Tenergy to ensure the design intent is carried out and that high standards are maintained.
  • When the job is done the paperwork continues. Every client is presented with a project manual which contains all key documents that pertain to the work. In addition all communications are completed with the power companies, distribution companies, and STC brokers etc until the job can be considered completed.

Tenergy generally uses the Enphase micro-inverter system for the designs and this gives the ability to monitor the system over its working life. System alerts are set-up such that Tenergy can keep a close eye on your system and deal with any problems that may pop up, however unlikely that may be.

If QUALITY is what you value then refer to my PV Solar page for details making a start with your own PV Solar system.