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Tenergy has the following personnel Geoff and Alison Eaton

  • Geoff Eaton, Director and Technical Manager

  • Geoff Eaton's full work history CV: Complete CV

  • Geoff Eaton's Summary CV:   Summary CV
  • Alison Eaton is the dedicated office manager who has supported Tenergy through the difficult years of the GFC and the transition back to Australia and back to NZ again.



ECOPOWER --  PV Solar system installers

ENERGO ----    PV Solar system installers

360 SOLAR ---  PV Solar system installers

AC SOLAR WAREHOUSE -- PV Solar equipment suppliers



The following companies supply goods and services to support Tenergy's business.

TSE Taranaki Ltd, New Plymouth  : Phone 06-758-8390

Provision of civil and structural engineering services. Assistance with our mast designs and mast foundations.


REDJACKET Ltd, New Plymouth : Phone 06-759-0999

Provision of civil and structural engineering services.


Eaton Engineering, Tauranga  : Phone 07-541-1240

Fabrication of mast components and mast installation site personnel.


ARABAC, New Plymouth : Phone 06-759-4959 

Abseiling specialists for the installation and dismantling of masts. Experienced in erecting masts with helicopter lifts and our patented mechanism.


BECK Helicopters Ltd, Eltham : Phone 06-764-7073  

Experienced at installing Trust Tower mast designs in Taranaki, Tararuas, and Waikato. Jetranger helicopters are used as the most economical size, lifting a max load of 450kg.

Tararua Heliwork Ltd: Phone 0800 HELIWORK (4354 9675)
Has installed our Heavy Duty designs in the Tararuas using Jetranger helicopters.
FINELINE SERVICES LTD , New PLymouth : Phone 06-755-1691
Fineline profile cut components for our NZ fabricated mast sections and deliver these to our fabrication facility
Our preferred construction contractor for works in the Tararuas and Manawatu.


Scott Technical Instruments, Hamilton : Phone 07-847-0646 

Scott Technical are our preferred supplier of met instruments and assist with mast site instrumentation works and comissioning.