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The design tools used by Tenergy Australia are;

  • PV STUDIO. This programme incorporates a shading analysis tool which enables the shading impact for any site and any array azimuth angle to be established for every hour of the year.

  • JP-Energy. This australian developed spreadsheet is ideal for accurate estimating of generation at any location in Australia using BOM historical data. For estimating purposes this tool is used and then followed up with PV STUDIO if required later.

  • Tenergy Wind Loading spreadsheet. For difficult locations an in house spreadsheet is used to confirm wind loads. This is particular useful for tilt frames and locations that fall outside the normal wind loading parameters of racking manufacturers.

  • Tenergy Financial Analysis spreadsheet. By using power bill data and CSV data from smart meters a finacial analysis is carried out for all systems. The results of the analysis give payback period, ROI, Levelised Cost of Energy and site self consumption estimates.






Most systems designed by Tenergy use the Enphase micro-inverter and Envoy monitoring device which ensures your system is connected to the internet. This allows for constant monitoring of the system. As the owner you will be able to view your energy production for the life of the system.

In addition Tenergy will have access to the Enlighten Manager software and will be able to advise you of any issues that occur with your system. An email alert system will be in place which will alert Tenergy to any issues with your system.



As the owner of the system you will be able to review the performance of your system at anytime of the day and for the full life of the system. Also every month Enphase will send you a report showing the energy production for that month. See this snapshot of the MyEnlighten view that an owner can have:


 Download this image here if you wish: Owner Enlighten View

 Enlighten Manager

Every system supplied my Tenergy Australia will automatically allow Tenergy to view your system and identify any problems with any of the micro-inverters, modules or the Envoy. Very detailed information is available for each component. In addition it is possible for email alerts to be sent to Tenergy for any issues arising from your system. See these snapshot views of Enlighten Manager that Tenergy will have access to:


Download this image here if you wish: Enlighten Manager-System View


Download this image here if you wish: Enlighten Manager-Micro-inverter Monitoring