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The case for installing PV Solar for a business is really based on the following;

  • Sizing the system to meet the daytime needs only, unless there is significant night time load and which justifies installing batteries.

  • Having minimal or no export capability. The FIT in Victoria and most states does not justify export for generating revenue for systems under 100Kw.

  • Agreeing on the payback period required for the investment. Typical payback periods for high quality commercial installations using microinverters are 4 to 6 years. If lower payback periods are necessary then using string inverters and lower quality modules can provide better payback periods,  but at the cost of reduced performance, limited monitoring and higher life cycle costs.



7.5KW - Strathmore - Strathmore Vet Clinic

  • Modules :  Yingli - 250W x 30 x 3 arrays - Good performing modules
  • Inverters :  Microinverters, Enphase - M215-60
  • Generation :  9182 KWhr/annum
  • Estimated Site Consumption:  94 %
  • Location: Suburban area, tile roof, 1st floor.




4.96KW - Hastings  - Hastings Community Hub 

  • Modules: Suntech - 310W x 16 x 2 arrays
  • Inverters: Microinverters, Enphase M250-72
  • Generation / annum: 6091 Kwhr
  • Estimated Site consumption: 100%
  • Location: Coastal area, 2nd storey, corrugated tin roof.




4.96KW - Mornington - Advance Learn Local

  • Modules: Suntech 310W x 16 x 1 array
  • Inverters: Microinverters, Enphase M250-72
  • Generation /annum: 5768Kwhr
  • Estimated site consumption: 100%
  • Location: Coastal area, 1st storey, corrugated iron roof




MORE TO COME ---the economic case for business to use PV solar is compelling.