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A survey to establish the average winds speeds at 50m AGL across Taranaki, Southern Waikato and Wanganui has been completed. Meteorological data for two entire years 2001 and 2002 were used. The study was carried out at the University of Canterbury, a New Zealand tertiary institution with extensive experience in mesoscale meteorological modelling. The study area was around 19,000 sq km, which is approximately 16% of the area of the North Island. This is the single largest and most detailed wind energy resource survey known to have been undertaken in New Zealand (See map for the area concerned).
The study was completed in two stages:

Stage 1 : MESOSCALE MODELS. Were completed using a mesoscale meteorological modelling technique to map the average wind speed using a coarse grid of 2km resolution, and the results validated against a number of ground station data sets.

Stage 2 : MICROSCALE MODELS. Used a combined technique of mesoscale meteorological modelling and the application of the industry standard WAsP wind energy model to develop twelve large adjoining areas and provide average wind speeds for 50m AGL at a resolution of 200m. The models identified all areas of wind energy potential. In addition, the average wind speeds at any other elevation can easily be derived.


The Taranaki Wind Energy Resource Survey has identified a wealth of opportunities. The survey has identified every viable location in the 19000 sqkm area of the survey. In the survey area the average wind speed has been quantified on every farm on flat land or hill country, and for every community, city and town.

For every individual, and every industry the potential at your location is known to a high level of accuracy and cost estimates for developing wind energy at your site can be established.

For the smaller developments the information currently available is sufficient to justify investment without further wind prospecting to firm up the resource. Although some further desk top studies could be completed to minimize the risk.

For small and large scale wind farms, representing multi million dollar investments it will be necessary to undertake site specific wind prospecting for a minimum period of one year. This will optimize the turbine selection and maximize the power output.


Tenergy's wind resource information is available for anyone in the public who is looking to establish the economics of using a wind turbine at their business or home.

A fee may apply for wind data provided and this will be determined on  case by case basis.  If you require information please contact Tenergy here >>>>>.